Be kind, come closer

My hand's on my holster

My blood's getting warmer

As my palms are growing colder


I don't have mercy for the ones who don't deserve it

I'm looking in your eyes but the road behind you is perfect


I know who I want to be

Would you be there with me

I know where I want to go

But would you come and get me?


Oh, have mercy girl

You know that I deserve it

I'm looking in your eyes

But the view behind you is perfect


I'm a wildfire burning in the night, I'm learning you

You're a wild night, trapped inside the corners of my mind

I'm a live wire tapped into the center of your head

I could lie down perfect in the center of your bed


And at the day's end

At the close of our eyelids

I wish I could take it back

But we both know no one's perfect